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DENT Guiding Principles

  • Utilize Linux Kernel, Switchdev and other linux based projects as the basis for the solution (without abstractions and overhead)
  • Treat ASIC and Silicon for Networking/Datapath as any other hardware
  • Simplify abstractions, API, drivers and low level overhead that currently exists in these switches and other open software.
  • Unify the community of Silicon Vendors, ODM, SI, OEM, End Users across many verticals.
  • Solve the Networking Operating System challenge for Distributed Enterprise Edge use case and expand into other use cases such as Enterprise Datacenter

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Follow the latest Roadmap and Feature discussions on Github

“Arthur” Release (v1) Q4 2020

Feature List

  • L2 Bridge (vlan aware)
  • IPv4 forwarding
  • Static Routing
  • Dynamic Routing – BGP
  • STP
  • VRRP – keepaliveD
  • LLDP
  • DHCP
  • L2/L3 ECMP
  • L2/L3/L4 ACL (TC-Flower)
  • Control plane Policer

“Beeblebrox” Release (v2) Q1 2022

Feature List

  • NAT-44, and PT
    • NAT on pure Layer-3 port
    • NAT on VLAN tagged port (bridge)
  • Configuring 802.1q interface (IpRoute2, Ifupdown2)
  • Routing on 802.1Q interface
  • PoE controller
  • Dynamic Routing
    • Support for BGP via FRR
    • Support for OSPF via FRR
    • Support for ISIS via FRR
  • Scale & Performance Improvements
    • Improve Firewall Scaling numbers
    • Improve Firewall Programming Performance
    • Resource management for ACLs
    • Add Flags to recognize LOCAL Ips
  • Dataplane policing
    • BUM traffic Policing
    • Data packet policing
    • Control packet policing
  • User application support
  • Configuring Port Isolation
  • Devlink – local trap/hard drop counters

“Cynthia” Release (v3.0) Q1 2023

Feature List

  • TC Persistence a.k.a Petunia
  • New Kernel 5.15 (LTS)
  • Early Access
    • IEEE 802.1x
    • QoS
    • IPv6
    • IGMP Snooping
    • Egress Policer

“Cynthia” Release (v3.1) Q2 2023

Feature List

  • Extended test coverage for:
    • QoS
    • ACL
    • Bridging/VLAN

“Cynthia” Release (v3.2) Q3 2023

Feature List

  • Update to Debian 10
  • DentOS VM
  • Extended test coverage for
    • IPV6
    • IGMP Snooping
    • Egress Policer
    • Storm Control
    • Devlink

Future release backlog

Feature List

  • New Yocto-based build system

  • Additional interface to HW – SAI
  • New HW platforms (Based on OCP Edge Gateway)

Major known features and milestones are noted here. This is not a commitment but a plan of work. This list is neither complete nor guaranteed.

dentOS Architecture Diagram

DENT OS Architecture Diagram

Hardware Compatibility List

SpeedVendor/ManufacturerDescriptionASICdentOS ReleaseQualified / SupportedAdditional Information
10GDelta48x10G SFPMellanox SpectrumV1SupportedDatasheet
10GDelta48x10G SFPMarvell Aldrin 2V3SupportedDatasheet
1G +10GDelta48x1G PoE + 4x10G SFPMarvell AC3XV3QualifiedDatasheet
1G +10GDelta48x1G + 4x10G SFPMarvell AC3XV3SupportedDatasheet
1G, 2.5G+25GDelta32x1G (PoE+) + 16x2.5G (PoE++) + 6x25G SFP28Marvell AC5XV2SupportedDatasheet
1G, 2.5G+10GDelta16x1G (PoE+) + 8x2.5G (PoE++) + 6x10G SFP+Marvell AC5XV2SupportedDatasheet
10GEdgecore48x10G SFPMarvell Aldrin 2V3QualifiedDatasheet
1G + 10GEdgecore48x1G + 4x10G SFPMarvell AC3XV3QualifiedDatasheet
1G + 10GEdgecore48x1G PoE + 4x10G SFPMarvell AC3XV3SupportedDatasheet