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As a Linux Foundation project, DENT utilizes the Linux Kernel, Switchdev, and other Linux based projects as the basis for building a new standardized network operating system without abstractions or overhead. All underlying infrastructure — including ASIC and Silicon for networking and datapath — is treated equally; while existing abstractions, APIs, drivers, low-level overhead, and other open software are simplified. DENT unites silicon vendors, ODMs, SIs, OEMs, and end users across all verticals to enable the transition to disaggregated networks.

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DENT puts users in control. Users, not vendors, choose the setup, design, and management of environments like branch offices, Internet of Things (IoT), industrial IoT, and sensor-based environments.
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Building an ecosystem of contributors and users around a full featured network operating system and control plane natively supported by Linux.

Benefit this ecosystem by fostering an open source community focused on network operating system, control plane, and management plane use cases applicable across a variety of industry solutions

Enable collaboration between developers, service and solution providers and end users across network hardware, forwarding, and operating system layers of the networking stack.

Establish a neutral home with business and technical governance, community infrastructure, and operations.


Participation is the lifeblood of all open source projects. We invite the networking ecosystem to join in common cause and help build a common networking operating system — ensuring interoperability and building a foundation for value-added specialization and innovation.

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September 22, 2023

Second Minor Release of Cynthia: DENT 3.2 is Out!

DENT 3.0, named Cynthia was released in April 2023. One of the promises of Cynthia was rapid release cycles, and DENT has kept up its promise with 2 minor releases…
AnnouncementsCommunity News
September 22, 2023

SONiC vs DentOS: The Battle for Enterprise

Are you interested in knowing how apt SONiC and DentOS  are for the Enterprise networking scenarios? Check out this whitepaper from our member PLVision HERE.