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What is PoE?

By December 29, 2023Announcements, Blog

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology for delivering DC power to devices over copper Ethernet cabling. With the ability to transport both data and power across a single cable it not only reduces the need for multiple cables, it eliminates the deployment of separate power supplies, all while simplifying the installation process, and improving safety, which ultimately results in saving time and reducing the cost of installing the cables.

In 2022, the DENT project introduced PoE on dentOS to help users control PoE-based power distribution and management on all devices. But, there was one major issue. The initial implementation was not fully integrated into the Linux kernel because it did not allow the PoE functionality to be controlled by all the standard Linux tools and processes.

Today, the DENT community is proud to announce that a new kernel-based PoE implementation project has officially launched. By moving the PoE controller functionality to Linux Kernel, the standard Linux tools will be able to control the power distribution and management, all while unifying PoE-based power management control across all networked platforms. 

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