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2023 OCP DENT Mini Summit Part 5: What’s Done and What’s New in DENT Upstreaming Activities

By April 2, 2024April 4th, 2024Blog, Community News

This blog post is the fifth in a series of 10 summarizing the sessions from the OCP DENT Mini Summit. Please see previous posts here:

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The DENT community hosted a Mini Summit during the OCP Global Summit to gather industry leaders, engineers, developers, and stakeholders interested in DENT within the framework of the OCP.

Bruno Banelli, Emerging Technologies Architect at Sartura, detailed the importance of maintaining and improving foundational elements, while acknowledging that this crucial work can sometimes go unnoticed. Banelli and Sartura have quietly been making significant strides in advancing DENT’s upstreaming activities and shedding light on the value of upstreaming in the Linux Kernel domain.

Banelli emphasized the enduring power of open-source collaboration, even in an era dominated by cutting-edge technologies. He articulated the motivations driving Sartura’s upstreaming efforts as it pertains to DENT, highlighting the dangers of technological debt and the necessity of ensuring the longevity and stability of products.

Sartura’s contributions to DENT exemplify the tangible impact of upstreaming activities. By implementing TLV info tables and addressing the industry-wide challenge of PoE support in the Linux kernel, Sartura has enhanced DENT’s network operating system and facilitated broader access to these advancements.

Looking ahead, Sartura’s commitment to upstreaming serves as a beacon of collaboration and dedication to open-source principles. Their efforts transcend mere technical contributions, embodying a spirit of resilience and fortitude in maintaining the foundations of our technological infrastructure.

In celebrating Sartura’s steadfast dedication, it’s essential to recognize the importance of fortifying the old amidst the allure of the new. DENT’s development promises a more robust and enduring technological future, serving as a reminder that progress is not only about innovation but also about the steadfast maintenance of the foundations upon which it rests.

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