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2023 OCP DENT Mini Summit Part 6: Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) Testing in DENT

By April 4, 2024Blog, Community News

This blog post is the sixth in a series of 10 summarizing the sessions from the OCP DENT Mini Summit. Please see previous posts here:

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The DENT community hosted a Mini Summit during the OCP Global Summit to gather industry leaders, engineers, developers, and stakeholders interested in DENT within the framework of the OCP.

In this segment, Taras Chornyi, Director of Open Networking Solutions and Strategy at PLVision, and Manodipto Ghose, Product Manager at Keysight, discuss streamlined integration through Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI). Harmonizing SAI with the DENT NOS enables hardware and silicon vendors to speed up innovation and interoperability.

Recent developments focus on testing methodologies and the integration of Open Traffic Generator (OTG) APIs to optimize the process.

DENT addresses challenges in SAI integration by emphasizing compatibility between NOS and SAI implementations. The project introduces a robust testing framework to verify adherence to expected behaviors and standards.

The inclusion of OTG enhances DENT’s testing capabilities, facilitating seamless transitions between software-defined test beds and hardware-based traffic generators. This approach promotes reusability and efficiency, accelerating the validation process for SAI implementations.

By establishing a standardized testing framework, DENT empowers developers to ensure compatibility and functionality across diverse network environments. The collaboration between PLVision, Keysight, and DENT fosters diverse innovation, driving advancements in network infrastructure technology.

Ultimately, DENT’s commitment to enhancing network integration through SAI and OTG represents a significant leap forward in networking technologies. Stay tuned for further updates as DENT continues to push the boundaries of network innovation.

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