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2023 OCP DENT Mini Summit Part 9: Best Practices to Integrate DENT Community Test Cases Into CI Pipeline

By April 16, 2024Blog, Community News

This blog post is the ninth in a series of 10 summarizing the sessions from the OCP DENT Mini Summit. Please see previous posts here:

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The DENT community hosted a Mini Summit during the OCP Global Summit to gather industry leaders, engineers, developers, and stakeholders interested in DENT within the framework of the OCP.

Keysight Director Mircea Dan Gheorghe, Keysight Product Manager Manodipto Ghose, and Amazon Senior Software Engineer Chetan Murthy educated attendees on how to deploy the DENT community test bed in a virtualized setting. By leveraging virtualized test ports and DENT NOS, users can easily recreate real-world networking scenarios in a streamlined manner.

The deployment process is designed to be user-friendly, catering to both newcomers and experienced contributors. With a focus on accessibility and ease of setup, the virtualized test environment democratizes testing and accelerates innovation within the DENT community.

Comprehensive test coverage and seamless integration with CI pipelines enhance efficiency and facilitate rapid iteration and deployment of DENT solutions. By embracing standardized testing practices, the DENT ecosystem promotes interoperability and reliability, driving greater adoption of DENT technology.

In summary, the deployment of the DENT community test bed in a fully virtualized environment marks a significant milestone in the evolution of DENT technology. As the DENT community continues to innovate and collaborate, the future looks promising for dynamic edge networking.

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